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    Model: Badley Bridge Dark Roast
    Dark Roast. Notes of chocolate fudge and brown sugar. Clean finish.Origin: Peru.Fair trade organic. Single Origin. Zero-Emissions Roasted...
    Model: Lover's Leap
    Ethically sourced. Medium-light. Notes of bergamot and vanilla. Smooth finish.Origin: Brazil.Fair trade organic. Single-origin. Zero-Emissions Roasted. ..
    Model: Quarry Espresso
    Espresso. Notes of deep berry and butter. Velvety finish.Origin: Peru.Fair trade organic. Single origin. Zero-Emissions Roasted...
    Model: Tooth of Time Medium Roast
    Medium roast. Notes of caramel, cocoa and a creamy finish.Origin El Salvador.Fair trade organic bourbon-washed, single origin. Zero-Emissions Roasted...
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