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     Cafe's Own Homemade Garlic Hummus
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: "Cafe's Own" Homemade Garlic Hummus
    Approx. 1/2 lb. container. Price per pound.Our homemade garlic hummus is made with fresh local garlic, blended chick peas, and our own blend of herbs and spices! Hummus has many different uses...try it with fresh vegetables, on sandwiches, on pizza, in devilled eggs, or pasta salads, to name a ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Large Cheese and Jam Gift Box (large)
    We make our own Gift Boxes on site! Choose from 3 sizes, small, medium, or large. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of local quality food! These make great employee/employer gifts! Each box contains a variety of cheese and homemade jam, and may not be exactly as shown, unless specifically ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Homemade Pecan Butter Tarts
    What is better than Homemade Butter Pecan Tarts? We make our own in house, and they are a must try! Not too sweet, they are the perfect blend of a buttery caramel flavor, with added pecans! These popular tarts are a perfect way to treat youreself! ..
     Homemade 9 - Grain Bread
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Homemade 9 - Grain Bread
    Price may be subject to change. Homemade 9 grain bread is full of nutrients, and boasts with flavour! This bread consists of wheat flakes, rye meal, sunflower seeds, corn flakes, oat flakes, soya grits, barley flakes, and millet. We use this bread in our Cafe on a sandwich of your choice. ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Homemade Blueberry Pie
    Our homemade blueberry pies are made with pie pastry that is made from scratch., and with our own home cooked pie filling.This ever popular pie is hard to beat! Serve with ice cream for an added treat! ..
     Homemade Cherry Cheesecake
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Individual Homemade Cherry Cheesecake
    Small 170 g. Individual Serving is great for a one time treat, at work or at home! Also available is the large cherry cheese cake serving 4 - 6 people. Our Homemade Cherry Cheesecake (unbaked) is bursting with flavor, and is made in house. Made with a graham crust, cream cheese, and cherries o..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Homemade Frozen Chicken Lasagna
    Small serves 4 - 6 peopleLarge serves 10 - 12 peopleChicken in Lasagna has a very unique flavor, and is absolutely delicious served with Caesar salad on the side! Any Lasagna makes a good meal anytime! ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Homemade Sweet Pickles
    500 mL.Homemade sweet pickles are locally grown and packed, and are very attractive served with our homemade cheese ball. Serving sweet pickles with any kinds of cheeses and meats on a  charcuterie board brightens any table centre piece! ..
    Vendor: Victoria Street Market Model: Rouladen
    Rouladen by Victoria Street Market Thinly sliced beef stuffed with bacon, onions and mustard. Baked in a German gravy. (Approx 4 pcs)..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Assorted Wrap Tray
    Assorted wrap tray made fresh from Kitchen Kuttings. The assorted wrap tray serves 12 people. Please allow 24 hours notice when ordering.  Please call for pricing...
    Vendor: Meal In A Jar Model: Backyard BBQ
    750mL jar.The BBQ is on! Well, not really. But we make it easy for you to enjoy the taste of slowly cooked pulled pork with all the classic fixins you would have at your backyard bbq. Pulled pork and coleslaw go together like peanut butter and jelly.Dairy Free & Gluten FreeINGREDIENTS: pork, chi..
    Vendor: Meal In A Jar Model: Balsamic Chicken Coleslaw
    750mL jar. Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, this is not a salad. You don't make friends with salad. With this jar, your tastebuds will become friends with flavour though. This jar also has a sweet surprise with a dash of dried raisins.Dairy Free and Gluten FreeINGREDIENTS: Chicken, B..
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