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    The Tenderloin is widely regarded as the most tender cut of beef. (10 oz)..
    Natural wood smoked ham, sliced...
    Chicken tender pieces, coated with a spiced breading.(8-10 pcs)..
    Tenderized pork loin, lightly seasoned, breaded...
    Mild flavoured snack cheese. Cheese Curds by Victoria Street MarketAvailable in white or orange. (1/2 lb pkg)  ..
    Bone in pork loin chops. (approx 8 oz) $2.50/Each..
    All our sausages are gluten free and full of flavour. Available in Oktoberfest, Paprika & Garlic, Garlic, Hot Italian, or Honey Garlic...
    Guacamole flavoured tortilla chips. (340 gr)..
    Coarse ground beef and pork blend, gluten free bread crumbs, eggs, jalapeno spice blend, cheese.$3.25/Each..
    Jamaican Patties by Victoria Street Market Spiced ground beef stuffed inside a pastry. $1.95/Each  ..
    Pepperettes by Victoria Street Market A smoked, classic snack meat stick. ..
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